20 Months

Twenty months after my first call-out for participants to join the In Bed Project we’re celebrating our first ever exhibition. Thank you to everyone who’s stepped up and laid down for this cause!

Fully funded and curated by the Incinerator Gallery, “All you need is love” opens Friday 22 January 2016 at 6pm. There will be fine wine and nibbles, speeches, a short film by a couple genuinely nice guys (Logan and Daniel) a custom made bed for impromptu Bed-In Selfies ( #inbedproject) and most importantly a room full of truly amazing and generous souls. So again,  thank you to everyone and especially to Jack Giles, Co-Curator, who took everything and made it shine.

When I started the project in 2014 people asked what’s the plan Stan? what are you going to do with all the photos? what’s the future? To be honest I had no idea … I just knew that one photo would lead to another photo and that eventually the In Bed Project would take on a life of it’s own and thankfully it has.

I’m not Martin Luther King not even close… but I also have a dream. I have a dream that one day we will be kinder to each other, that people dealing with their Gender and Sexuality will not have to consider suicide.

I’m adding the In Bed Project’s voice to the long list of people helping make Gender and Sexually diverse people as common as a morning coffee. As common as mixed marriages, as common as divorce, as common as bro.

Lets get this party started…

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