2016 and so it begins…

It’s a new year and with it comes the new year resolutions. I was making my usual list of, do more yoga, eat less, when I realised that those resolutions had become rote and definetly didn’t excite me. Somewhere along this In Bed Project journey, something changed in me. I realised that I needed a new set of resolutions.

I have met over 120 families in the last 18 months and each and everyone has touched my heart. There’s more to the stories than what you see on the website. There have been acts of incredible kindness and generosity, moments of laughter and tears, hundreds of cups of tea and heaps of yum cakes.

You can’t do a project like this and not be effected by the love you experience along the way.

When I started the In Bed Project my primary focus was to show the people effected by the Marriage Equality stance that Australia finds itself in. But it’s been 18 months and The In Bed Project has grown beyond simply the marriage equality debate, into pure and simple, equality. The In Bed Project is about – Equality.

Right now, people are struggling with their sexuality and some of them won’t make it through the struggle, some will suicide. And why?? because some out-dated set of beliefs make judgement calls on their worth. They are made to feel worthless simply because of their sexuality or gender. This has to change.

Everything we do to change up this world and make it easier to be ourselves, matters.

A photographic project of people in bed, sharing their stories, matters. It matters because it’s a step in the right direction. It gives people a chance to make a difference. Every individual, every family that has contributed to this project has done so because they wanted to be part of something that changes up how people treat each other. They are the game changers. Thank you game changers!

So the resolution? I realised that I have been selfish. I have experienced so much while working on the In Bed Project that hasn’t been shared. This year my resolution is to share more of the In Bed Project.

Our personal beliefs define our choices, shape our lives and, collectively, determine our futures – Tom Asacker


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