All you need is love

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Last Friday, 22 Jan 2016,  All you need is love, was officially opened by Cr Andrea Surace, Mayor of Monee Valley City Council, with guest speaker, Victorian Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, Rowena Allen, at the Incinerator Gallery in Moonee Ponds

The house was packed. There was hugging and kissing and a whole lot of loving going on.

Sometimes you spend so much time on a project you forget its beauty. Sometimes you take things for granted and need to be reminded of what a beautiful gift you have been given. Last Friday I was reminded of how beautiful this project is.  Yes, I take the photos and do all the hard yards, but the project works because of everyone who has participated in and supported it.

My uncle and his partner, Pete had flown in from Sydney to see the exhibition. We arrived early and while we were wandering around the empty gallery space, Rich said, “You know what Lise, this room is full of love – there’s no one here, only the pictures on the walls, and yet there’s so much love present.”

For every action there is a reaction. Every time someone stands up (and lies down) for this project, we get a step closer to our goal of a kinder and equal society. This is what makes this project so powerful. Love begets Love.

I didn’t get a chance at the official proceedings to thank everyone who has made this project and exhibition possible. So, I’d like to truly madly deeply, thank all the participants – without you, there’d just be a whole lot of photos of empty beds. I’d like to thank, the council, the Mayor and the gallery – their support has made this exhibition possible. The Commissioner, Rowena Allen for such a heart felt welcome. The film dudes – Logan and Daniel, who took the Project and added a layer to the story.  Jack the co-curator –  for all his tireless effort, without him, we would have had ourselves a very different exhibition. And lastly, my friends and family who have had to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly.  THANK YOU!.  As my friend Kate said..”you made me smile, smile, smile.”

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