Frankie and Amy

Last weekend I went home to New Zealand to celebrate my nephews 21st Birthday. Happy Birthday Matt!! OK back to the story… The last time I was in New Zealand I did a call out for participants to join the In Bed Project. I asked  Kiwi’s to step up and show their support for their poor long suffering Aussie family. (Who to date I’m sorry to say…are still fighting for equal rights!)

Frankie and Amy answered the call. This week , nearly two years after meeting them for the first time, I’m sharing their story.  I have a huge smile on my face, because seriously, who doesn’t love a happy ever after!

The Story:

When Amy walked in to start her new job, Frankie knew the office was about to get far more interesting. 9 months, 10,000 emails, 12 dropped drinks and 742 pieces of sushi later they share their first date, first kiss and everything changes.
Ben, Frankie’s 6yo (now 9) helped Frankie court Amy by telling her at the first meeting that she “smells like noodles but that’s good because I like noodles”.
5 months of courting, which includes Frankie fighting a tuatara on a kayak adventure, discovering anadoration for downhill biking, and there is love in an in-love type of way.
Over New Years Frankie travels the northern hemisphere, in between messaging, they spend the month telling everyone within earshot how amazing the other one is.
A very long month later, they reunite! Nesting involves antique furniture restoration, anchor prints on doormats, and a fresh welcome sign to the House of FAB (Frankie, Amy and Ben!).
Lake Tarawera 18months on, under a snuggly duvet, on a shooting star, a dream is made. The next day Amy pops the question in a tiny, not very waterproof, tent.
On the next annual adventure Frankie allows Amy to join her and together they explore Vietnam and Cambodia. They spend a month crossing rivers on scooters, removing leeches and exploring caves by fairy lights.
They also realise that despite living, holidaying and commuting together they don’t see enough of each other, so once again Amy comes to work with Frankie in the homeless sector and the sushi dates quickly resume.
This love affair began in 7 hours, spans 7 countries, and 3 years after the first “Hey” they celebrated happy ever after by tying the knot.

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