This weeks blog post is from Liam. I photographed Liam and Geoff  last week. I once read that the camera is like a passport, it gains you access to places you would otherwise be denied. Thanks to the In Bed Project I have gained access to so many wonderful people on this journey, to places and stories I would otherwise have been denied. It just doesn’t see fair to keep them to myself.

Thank you Liam for sharing your story and for letting us in.

Liam’s story.

I was trying to think of something really profound to write. I had so much I could say about a number of things, not necessarily profound however. As I thought I played with my hair, and then I opted for something far simpler.
My hair feels really nice right now. It’s silky and luxuriant. Last night I gave it a good condition and the most extensive brushing I have ever done. That is not an exaggeration; it is just a very large coincidence.
I love my hair. It curls at the end and the rest is quite straight. It isn’t natural to have hair this way, but I revel in its uniqueness and its origin. However, I lost it. I had two extremely powerful rounds of a type of chemotherapy. Most people do not know this, and because I feel it is almost cliché to say it, but I nearly passed away at one point due to a severe infection. I didn’t realise how serious it was until a few weeks later when we met with the oncologists.
My hair started to grow back after; I had fuzz on top. Unfortunately things turned for the worse and it meant having a further four rounds of chemotherapy to try and slow things down. I lost my hair again.
Eventually it started to return. And as is often the case with hair after chemotherapy, it changed completely. I had tight curls where I had previously only had a slight wave. I always wanted to have long hair but couldn’t because of my school.
It has been just over two years now and I haven’t had my hair cut. It rests on and below my shoulders. I earned my hair. I enjoy the tight curls that have grown out and now rest at the end of long thick waves. It reminds me of what I had to experience. They are my reward. It is my identity. My hair is glorious.

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