The Project

How it all began…

Frustrated by Australia’s stance on Marriage Equality and inspired by John and Yoko’s ‘Bed-In’ protest, I decided to have a Marriage Equality Bed-In. I called it  “In bed with the Unwed – Bed-In”  Naturally, it was abbreviated to: The In Bed Project.

It is a simple plan…

In the context of the bed, I photograph singles, couples, families and all who support Marriage Equality. The photos are then posted to this blog to create one awesome photographic petition!

Like any petition, the more signatures / portraits we have, the stronger our voice.

I know that much about how we achieve change is through protest and rallies and they have their place. But I thought by launching this quiet online project and with your help, we could add another dimension to the voice for Marriage Equality. Like John and Yoko’s protest, it’s fun and with a very real objective. It’s not only about raising awareness of our rights to equality and breaking down prejudices, it’s also a historical record, a snapshot of this time.

Update 2016…
The In Bed Project was created in May 2014 to provide a resource that profiled people in the Australian Community in support of marriage equality. I never thought that in 2016 we would still be petitioning for marriage equality.

Over the last two years this ‘quiet’ petition has become somewhat louder. We have had media coverage, a successful Midsumma premier exhibition and now, archived in the National Library of Australia, Pandora Digital Archives. Yes folks we have been written into history!

The photos and stories shared in this project are powerful statements to offer hope for those challenged by the homophobic debate and profile the support of the Australian Community.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in making this historical project. In 2016 after a very successful Midsumma Exhibition the In Bed Project ended.

The Photographer – Lisa White

Some cultures mark their years on earth in summers. Some years, thanks to my beautiful life and love of travel, I have enjoyed two sometimes three summers a year. So let’s just say that I am much younger than the total sum of my summers and much older than my total sum of winters.

Snapshot – Born in Barbados, studied photography in NZ, fell in love with Melbourne.

Marriage is not on my agenda. Equal rights however is a different matter. Equal rights is very much on my agenda.

My love for photography has been in my blood forever. Combining my love for photography with my love for all things being fair, was of course going result in a BED-IN.

Do what you love, love what you do.