In Bed Project 103

#103 John, Lou and Roxy

My fiance tells people he was scared of proposing to me because I would say no.
He was somewhat justified.
As soon as the words ‘will you marry me?’ came tumbling out of his mouth I bucked tradition. ‘Yes’ I said ‘but…’
‘But what?’ He said in panic
‘But on the proviso we wait until everyone can.’
‘Oh phew, of course.’
And probably….’On the provsio…? never has a more romantic line been uttered.’

It’s really that simple for us. We both believe that marriage equality in this country is a straight issue. That if we all stop getting married, having weddings, the message might start to get across.

Of course this makes for some stifled dinner conversations, especially at other people’s weddings and engagement parties but we’re all for making people a little uncomfortable for the greater good.


September 19, 2015