In Bed Project #110

#110 Shane, Rodney and James


Hi, my name is James & I’m 5 & a half. This is my family. I have 2 dads (Daddio & Dadda), a cat named Milo & a dog called Schnitzel. We live in a house. Sometimes, people say I don’t have a mum. Well I do! She is my ‘Aunty Mum’ and she lives in NSW. She is Daddio’s sister. I also have 2 brothers and 2 sisters & they live somewhere else. I think all a family needs is love & I know my dads love me, so they should be able to get married. Daddio says he is going to cry at the wedding & that makes me laugh! I have grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins just like everyone else. Dadda is the best fixer-upperer ever & Daddio is the best cooker. I love my family.

Shane and Rodney:

We have been together for nearly 10 years & my sister is the most wonderful & generous human being I know. We were discussing our options of overseas surrogacy with her & jokingly I said “maybe you could have a baby for us?” And she said sure! She discussed it with her husband & children & we had family meetings to discuss all possibilities & scenarios. We went to counselling and through the court system, ensuring our baby was legally ours. My sister simply justified it like this: “If you need a kidney, I would give you a kidney. But you want a kid, so I will give you a kid!” That is how this incredible journey started, with us becoming the proudest & happiest dads to our gorgeous & most treasured son. Our family may not be like others, but we are a family full of love & laughter, surrounded by amazing friends & family & we couldn’t be happier!


October 18, 2015