In Bed Project #114

#114 Kate and Estelle

The reason I love the painting above my bed (Piero della Francesca) is because it influenced a movement in art. He painted a perspective that had not been painted previously.

Marriage Equality is all about perspective. The reason I love the concept of ‘The in bed project’, is it’s giving a different perspective on something already so beautiful and making it even more beautiful. It depicts a perspective of families and all the different types. If marriage is truly about Union and truly about love then every person should have the right to be married or not to be married.

I simply want my daughter and the people we love in our lives to have equal choices. I also want her to observe that we were part of the movement for change of perspective when it comes to marriage equality.

I just can’t quite understand what people are so afraid of?!


October 30, 2015