In Bed Project #116

#116 Elaine & Steve

I met Elaine on the morning I photographed her daughter Kristy. After the photo shoot, she asked how she could join in and show her support.

By the time we got around to arranging her photo shoot, she was in hospital recovering from major surgery. I’d never done a Bed-In in a hospital and asked Elaine if she was keen. Yup, Elaine was keen and so was hubby, Steve.

It was a massive effort for Elaine to do this photo and without the support of the Hospital staff we may not have gotten the shot. So thanks to everyone who went beyond the call of duty, especially Elaine and Steve.

Elaine’s Story.

I don’t believe in anyone having to say “I’m gay”  or “I’m transgender” etc.
I don’t ever say, “Hi, I’m straight” – BIG DEAL …WHO CARES ?
It’s no ones business.
Kids or no kids ……. your choice ….so what !!
Love is love, it’s as simple as that.
I support our daughter Kristy and her partner Nic


November 14, 2015