In Bed Project 118

#118 Jenny and Tracey


In essence, I think:
Family transcends legality and biology.
I can critique the institute of marriage and still have the right to participate in it.


I’m a celebrant and a lot of people ask me how I feel about being involved in a legal process that’s antiquated and homophobic. My response is that I’m a huge fan of love – and just like a million other things, the meaning of marriage has completely changed over time. Back in the day the bride was literally passed from their father to their husband like a piece of property. Wedding ceremonies and marriages have little to do with that for modern people, and sooner or later the government will catch up with the times and see that all of us should have the right to marry the person we love.

Tracey and I had a beautiful wedding celebration in April 2014 with 120 friends and family in attendance. We didn’t sign any paperwork on the day, but our union was witnessed and galvanised by the people most important to us. To think that we don’t have the same rights as other folks just because they’re hetero, that’s just wack. We pay our taxes, our mortgage, rates, car rego, and we contribute to society in countless ways. It’s lame as hell that we don’t have equality.


December 12, 2015