In Bed Project 120

#120 Bree and a few friends

Bree contacted me and said she and a few friends would like to join the Bed-In, I said sure. I had no idea what she meant by a few friends!  Apart from the Midsumma Board shot,  this is the most participants I’ve had in a single Bed-In. I hope you enjoy this shot as much as I enjoyed taking it.  Thank you Bree for organising this epic Bed-In.

The story:

We are a close knit group of friends who love, support, and respect each other. If you were to ask each of us how we came to be part of our circle, each story would be different. We have unique individuality however we share common awareness of societal issues, human rights and we believe strongly in equality and fairness for all. Our friend Michael perfectly sums up why we support marriage equality.

“The fact that some of my friends or any Australians do not have the same support and rights from our government as I do in my relationship is absolutely unacceptable . What gives any one the right to stop two people in a relationship from marrying and gaining all the rights that The rest of the population enjoy. It makes me sad and angry that this wonderful bunch of people are treated differently than I am just because they are same sex attracted, To make a distinction between our rights can’t be supported in any area of the law. They love each other, they support each other, they do all the thing the rest of the population do but can’t be married why? No one should get to say that one relationship is any less valid or valued than anyone else’s . Every one is equal and marriage should be a choice that every couple can make.Equality should have no boundaries in love or any part of society.” – Michael Gardner.

Myself and my partner Petra married in Spain in 2010 in front of our friends and family that made the trip to Europe. All of us look forward to the day when every couple can legally marry and celebrate their love at home here in Australia in front of their loved ones. Our group photo is a “strength in numbers” protest in support of marriage equality.

Participants: Bree, Petra, Kirsten, Bindy, Mark, Aaron, Ben, Matthew, Anthony, Michael, Airdrie, Emma, Alicia, Harriet, Katie, Karen, Andrea, Fiona, Renee.


January 10, 2016