In Bed Project 121

#121 Richard and Anthony

OK,  I admit it … sometimes I pick up random stranger in Cafe’s.  Richard and Anthony were quietly enjoying their breakfast at Ampersand in Thornbury when I leant across and said “Wanna join the worlds biggest Bed-In for equality?” Apparently they did.

Here’s their story:

Anthony and I have been together for over 7 years now, and recently built a beautiful new home in the City of Moreland. We are kindred spirits and both have similar tastes in mid century modern design, in fact, we love anything from this period, whether it be architecture, fashion, or furniture design. We also have a passion for film, particularly the golden years of Hollywood. Most of all, we are keen animal welfare supporters, and strive for a world free from cruelty towards our fellow feathery, furry and scaly inhabitants. Our lives are enriched by the unconditional love of our two fur babies, Lilly and Jackie. This is our family.

Growing up in in the 70s, 80s, and 90s we both experienced our fair share of discrimination, hatred and abuse, simply because we were gay. We revel in the fact that times are changing, and acceptance of LGBTIQ individuals and issues is slowly progressing in many parts of the world. Sadly, in Australia, the right to marry is not ours…yet. There must be equality in this country of ours. Move forward, Australia. Love, devotion and companionship are common to all, so we should be able to choose to marry like anyone else in the eyes of the law. To love and be loved is a right of all, so why ‘recognise’ it only for some?

Marriage equality now…unconditionally.


January 18, 2016