In Bed Project 122

#122 Rosie and Alfie

I think Marriage Equality is important. Not only for us gay individuals and couples but for our children. I want my daughter to grow up and believe everyone has a right, a choice in life. It doesn’t matter who you are. I want her to become a strong individual that can achieve the impossible and know that it can happen.

Hi I’m Rosie and this is Alfie.

Our story is a little different but boy is it special. Alfie is my little poppet and only has me as a parent. Time was getting the best of me and when I lost my father 4 years ago, I decided I needed to make a change, life is too short, and I needed to do something that was important to me and I knew I wanted so much. Life can be challenging at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
I DID IT! and now I have the most amazing little girl, Alfie. She is noisy, loving, cheeky, so animated, happy and everything perfect. I feel like the luckiest mum around.


January 28, 2016