In Bed Project 123

#123 Liam and Geoffrey

Liam wanted to add diversity to the Project, as he put it” I’m a gay amputee and thought that the diversity might be interesting”

The In Bed Project is all about the diversity in our community, the more diversity we can show, the more powerful our statement towards LGBTIQ equality becomes. We come in all shapes and sizes, abilities, colours, genders. As the project grows I hope we can represent a broader and more honest picture of our community.

Liam’s Story:

There isn’t a logic behind the opposition to marriage equality. Every moral and ethic theory in philosophy supports it as the correct action. I’ve always wanted it, but wasn’t as bothered and just accepted that Australia is lagging behind in this debate. That was until I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer in 2013.

I cannot fathom leaving this world without seeing such a blatant injustice go uncorrected. I want to be able to reflect on my life knowing that I was not denied the same right given to my sister.


February 08, 2016