In Bed Project 126

#126 Nic, Lucy, Max and Teddy

Nic contacted me over a year ago to join the In Bed Project. I live in Melbourne, they live in Ballarat. It’s taken me that long to schedule a visit to Boston Bun Ballarat. Why Boston Bun Ballarat? Because I visited two homes in Ballarat that Saturday and both  offered me Boston Bun with my tea… let it be known that I love Boston Buns and Ballarat aint bad either.

Nic & Lucy:

It is our hope that Max and Teddy will grow up in a country that values equality enough to have inclusive, fair laws as other parts of the world do.

We wish for our boys the courage to stand up when something is wrong – because it is the right thing to do. And to know that families are complex, family structures vary and our family is okay. More than okay. Full of love and laughter, good times and bad, adventure and wonder just like any other.

The In Bed Project is a powerful illustration of diversity and drive for equality and we’re privileged to be a part of it!


February 20, 2016