In Bed Project 128

#128 Sue, Fraser and Tahlia

Sue Wragg is a very proud mother of two adults, Tahlia and Fraser. Sue enjoys photography as a hobby and is currently looking for work. 
Sue spent 2 years as the treasurer of PFLAG Geelong supporting LGBTIQ people including her own son, Fraser, and having fun at Pride March and Marriage Equality rallies.

Fraser is a witty young man who enjoys teasing the life out of anybody, especially his partner Dean. Fraser (21) is currently doing “Work for the Dole” at the Salvation Army in Werribee where he has discovered his love of baking. Hopefully this will lead to some employment for him.

Tahlia (almost 27) has also been a great support to Fraser, attending Pride March and also riding her motorcycle in the “Geelong for Marriage Equality” rally. Tahlia is also witty , enjoys riding her 1100cc motorcycle and caring for her four pet pythons.


June 18, 2016