In Bed Project 129

#129 David and Mark

Mark and I have been together for more than 5 years since meeting on RSVP. Both Mark and I have previously been married and we have five children between us. Mark has a daughter Eryn (23) and Jake (21) and I have two boys Liam (27), Toby (25) and my daughter Molly (23).

We both did the single dad thing for a while but all of our children are now living elsewhere (but not too far away)– but we have three miniature Dachshund’s; Willard, Madeline & Elsieto keep us company. We have busy lives, just like everybody else with full-time work, a recently purchased café in Geelong, family commitments and friends.

Mark turned 50 in 2015 (I’m 52) and I organised a semi-surprise birthday party for him (he knew there was a party but did not know any details about where or with who) and we both surprised each other on the night with a ring and a marriage proposal in front of about 100 people, including our families, our children and our close friends.

We believe in each other, in love and in equality.

I didn’t come out as gay until 2008 because I was afraid and it is that same fear and discrimination that is continuing to impact negatively on young people (and not so young people) who identify as LGBTIQ today. The same fear and discrimination that I was experiencing 30 to 40 years ago. Do not ever assume that marriage equality will just eventually happen – we have to make it happen, with your help. How else am I going to marry the man of my dreams?


June 18, 2016