In Bed Project 130

#130 Bree and Lisa

We met in late 2011. Our first date pretty much said it all. It went for 7 hours and neither of us wanted it to end and we have been together ever since.

Music is a big part of our relationship. Lisa is a drummer and Bree is a guitarist… It’s a shame both of us are terrible singers!

We share our lives with our cat “Cassette” who pretty much calls all the shots at home.

We have travelled together to Indonesia, Vietnam & USA mainly for overseas weddings. We have been to a LOT of weddings lately and we have enjoyed sharing these special days with our friends and family. However we hope one day we can have our own wedding together in Australia.

We both work together with the team from Geelong for Marriage Equality. Our hope is that one day all Australians will have the freedom to be married to the love of their life regardless of their sexuality.”


June 18, 2016