In Bed Project #43

#43 Ashlee and Marjolein

Marjolein is from the Netherlands and Ashlee is Australian.
We met at “Midsumma 2014” the carnival held in Melbourne each year to celebrate queer culture. After meeting we had a date at St. Kilda beach. We finally got up the courage to hold hands, then watched the sun set over st. Kilda beach in what can only be described as the most romantic date of all time, and have been together ever since.
We are working on the mammoth task of applying for a partnership Visa, which would allow us to live together in this beautiful country.
We have had many adventures together, we love nature, camping, music, festivals, and travel. We are looking forward to many more adventures together, hopefully in a country where there is equality that recognises love in all its forms.
The Netherlands was the first country to have same sex marriage, and we hope that Australia catches up quickly.


December 16, 2014