In Bed Project 53

#53 TJ and Pam

TJ’s Story…

I work, I pay bills, I eat, I sleep, I love, I am just like everyone else, except I do not have the same rights and choices. I do not have the choice or right to marry. Why should I be discriminated against because of the gender of the person I choose to love? I want the right to choice. I want to dictate my future.


Pam’s Story…

“I have experienced both mental health and coming out, as many have before me however, I did not experience them together as some others have. Working in the Mental health field and understanding the complex nature of gender vs sexuality has put me in a unique position to help people who find themselves in this emotional and vulnerable space. While there has been a dramatic increase in the support services for LGBTI youth, there is still stigma associated with coming out as an adult, especially with a history of trauma/mental health issues. I can only hope that hearts and minds will continue to evolve and breed acceptance in this area.”


January 31, 2015