In Bed Project #76

#76 Jax and Anne

Growing up I never used to think about marriage, it was never one of my dreams. I am the child of hippies so my parents aren’t married and neither are many of their friends, so it was never really part of what I thought made a relationship ‘special’. However, the choice to get married took on new significance when I relalised I was a lesbian and that I was denied this choice. I find myself thinking about it more and more as I’m getting older and considering the possibilities of (maybe) children one day. Marriage for me if it happens would firstly be a reason to have a great big party but also importantly be a means of ensuring I have the same legal rights to any future children if I am not the birth mum.

As a woman with a disability, I am keenly aware that finding respectful, long-term relationships is something which many people with disabilities struggle to find-due to disability being seen as undesirable (which is a complete load of bollocks! I love my body and so does my girlfriend!) So having someone choose me above all others and me choose them, just as we are, is beautiful, affirming and something I want to have the right to choose.