In Bed Project 81

#81 Emily and Tucker

I met Emily, many years ago when her band “Milk” performed at a little¬†lesbian bar I owned, called Salon Kitty. Neither Milk nor Salon Kitty exist anymore. I recently bumped into her again while working on a photo project for VARTA.

Emily’s story:

“I’m a lesbian parent and have been single for most of Tucker’s (3 years old) life.

I’ve recently partnered with an amazing woman who wants to be a part of our lives and a family. I’ve had multiple relationships with women who didn’t want children, so this newly emerging queer family feels wonderful and very supportive. Tucker has started calling my new partner Daddy.

I personally don’t feel the need to marry but I believe all people should have equal access to the institution if they desire it. ”



May 29, 2015