In Bed Project 86

#86 Christian, Donna and Sailor Jerry

Here is our little story.

My name is Donna (34) and my husband is Christian (34). We also have a gorgeous kitty named Sailor Jerry who is 5 years old.

We were married in 2013 after 4 years together. At our wedding we took a moment to acknowledge all of our beautiful gay, lesbian and transgender friends who cannot legally be married in Australia.

At our wedding there were two friends in particular who have been together over three times as long as we have, and they still cannot be married legally. We find it totally unacceptable and ridiculous. We recently saw them get involved in this amazing project and we just HAD to join in and show our support.

A friend of ours said to me just the other day, love is love, which sums it up perfectly.

We believe everyone should have the right to be married if they choose and no one should be able to tell them that their love isn’t “valid”.

We hope that this changes soon in Australia, and will always voice our opinion on marriage equality as we believe it needs to happen!