In Bed Project 89

#89 Bec, Donna and Howie

Bec, Donna & Howie

I believe that difference is the only thing we all have in common. The world would be so boring if we were all the same and trying to be anything but yourself is exhausting (believe me… I’ve tried).

Marriage equality is a fundamental part of embracing this difference. Love is love. For everyone. Wherever they are and whoever they want to marry. I’d like to marry my wonderful partner Donna (and luckily she said yes on a beautiful beach in WA!) Our friends, family and little puppy Howie are overwhelmingly supportive.

The internet turned to RAINBOW on the 26th June after the landmark ruling in the US and we can’t wait for the same to happen very soon when Australia makes this important change.

C’mon Australia!


July 11, 2015