In Bed Project 90

#90 Jess, Derek and Arnold

Here we go…

Derek proposed to me on the same day we met 7 years ago. It was an extremely happy time for both of us, as we got to make our love official.

It was only until I read an article by my cousin about the benefits of boycotting marriage that I began to think harder on the topic. Imagine if everyone decided to follow suit. The wedding industry would collapse. The government would be left with no choice but to legalize marriage equality. Bad for biz and all!

Why should I get the opportunity to marry the man I love just because I was born with the right set of chromosomes?

It was decided.
We would hold off on the wedding until everyone could get married. We support the in bed project because it raises awareness.

We only hope that enough people get involved to make a difference.
Love Jess, Derek and Arnie


July 24, 2015