In Bed Project 91

#91 Peter, Kathryn, Miranda and Emilia

Isacc Asimov, Jane Austin, Terry Pratchett and Rick Riordan all have a place in our bed. As bed is our place with favourite authors and favourite books.

We have made reading an important part of our lives. We have been opened to the world and the lived experience of others. It is an imaginative space where we face challenges, hopes and dreams through the characters on the page. Reading reminds us that the world doesn’t have to be as it currently is. We look forward to when all people can join in the commitments of marriage.

As Uniting Church members we support the marriage equality movement and look forward to attending the weddings of our queer friends.

We wish to record our thanks to #64 Riki and Melissa for pointing us in the direction of the In Bed Project

Kathryn, Peter, Miranda and Emilia


July 25, 2015