In Bed Project 92

#92 Mark, Matthew, Estelle and Tate

Our story:
This is my family, my name is Mark (31), and I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by love and support my entire life.

I am in a loving relationship with my partner Matt (30) for 11 years, since our first meeting at university. Our family became that much more perfect and a dash more fun in 2014 after the birth of our adorable and perfect children Estelle and Tate (both 18 months).

They were born thanks to the assistance of two amazing surrogates and a wonderful kind and caring egg donor. Tate and Estelle were amazingly born on the same day less than an hour apart. Estelle and Tate are the very best of friends and do everything together. They play together, share toys together and even share their meals with each other.

Matt and I have been engaged for almost 9 years, but are not yet married. We are patient people! We intend to get married once it is legalised in Australia.

Marriage equality is important to us so that our children can see that the law gives appropriate respect to our family. It may not significantly impact our day to day life which is already full of fun and happiness but it is certainly something we and many other value for our family.


July 25, 2015