In Bed Project 97

#97 Michael

Hi I’m Michael.

I grew up as a child in the 80s where society basically indicated that if I was to be married it was to be with a female.

So I basically went with the flow and followed the rules of society where I ended up getting married. I then got the two most awesome children in the world. I guess I have always known that I had some attraction to guys but this is definitely not why the marriage did not work. It just didn’t. So when it was 100% over I decided to explore myself sexually and confirmed to myself that I am really attracted to males.

Society has since changed a lot and is now more accepting of this, so I have slowly come out to everyone who needs to know or wants to know. I am now a lot happier now that I am true to myself. The next stage for me would be to find a male partner and if we decide to get married I would like the opportunity to do so.


July 26, 2015