In Bed Project 99

#99 Garry, Lynn, Bella and Riley.

My name is Lynn and this is my partner Garry and with us on our bed are our two rescued dogs, Bella and Riley.

We choose not to be married in the patriarchal, religious sense, but we have been together for 31 years and celebrate the anniversary of our decision to commit every year. This is our choice.

As a counsellor in a secondary school I get very frustrated that not all students can aspire to the same choices.

Garry and I both volunteer for beyondblue and we see the impact of discrimination in the mental health and suicide information. Marriage equality is a significant way we can help LGBTI young people feel that their world accepts them for who they are.

The impact of sexual orientation on wellbeing is about so much more than who a young person goes to bed, or their school formal with. So many young people find themselves caught up in stereotypes based on their sexuality when trying to make career and life decisions. Marriage equality is an essential step to universal acceptance.


July 26, 2015